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SC 2001 in Denver

After ALS in Oakland, we packed it up and trekked on out to Denver for SC 2001. What a joy!

Playing networked
	    Scrabble Jimi babbling

We sat around a lot just waiting for our stuff. Most of that time was spent either playing networked Scrabble (left) or discussing important stuff (right).

Erik untangling cat 5 Erik was stuck with the job of untangling the pile of cat 5 that we didn't bother to untangle before we left.

Matt sitting next to Ron Steve and G

Matt sits happily in front of our project poster, while Steve sits more happily next to Geoffrey.

We had a few problems with our network connection, so Ron solved the problem by running a 100 ft. cable across the booth. (Ron also sports our new Supermon t-shirt.)

Ron's cabling job

Our window to the world Snack bar

Our part of the booth was conveniently located behind a big structural pole, so the LANL booth patrol was kind enough to move one of the poster out of the way to give us a window (left). Unfortunately, people kept mistaking it for a drive up window (right).

Signed by Ron

Ron eventually signed the poster in order to increase its value.

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